Top 5 Instagram Photo Apps

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This era of smartphones has made taking photos easy and fast but this has its flaws. Instagram photo apps are essential because it turns amateur looking photos into professional-looking ones. 

You can apply different filters, effects etc. making it more catchy, engaging and fit for your Instagram page.

Below is a list of 5 top Instagram photo apps in 2021


Top 5 Instagram Photo Apps


-Billed monthly: $8.99

-Billed annually: $59.88

Befunky is one of the top Instagram photo apps that helps you edit photos, make photo collages and design graphics. 


-Photo editor

-Collage maker

-Graphic designer


Befunky has a lot of features and below are some of the most popular ones.

-Crop and resize photos

-Turn photos to art

-Edit photos in batches

-Background remover

-Retouch portraits

-One-click collage maker

-Customizable design templates

-Over a million royalty free images

-Vector graphics and ions

Befunky has several products and features that is very effective in editing Instagram photos


Top 5 Instagram Photo Apps


-Free trial: You can only edit photos to an extent but can’t download your edited photos to be used.

-Pro version:

Basic: $7.99 monthly or $72 annually

Pro: $12.99 monthly or $120 annually

Business:$23 monthly or $228 annually

PicMonkey is one of the top Instagram photo apps. It is also used to edit photos for Facebook and Twitter. It can also make ads and logos.


-Colour tools

-Background remover

-Collage maker


-Instagram stories

-Brand kit

-Instagram posts

-Stock photos and videos


– Upgrade your photo editing skills, transforming and enhancing photos.

– Increase your social media, Facebook and Instagram engagement, by creating eye-catching posts, ads etc

-Make a splash on Youtube by creating flashy thumbnails and cover images to entice people to click on your videos, increasing your click-through-rate, thereby, increasing the possibility that your Youtube video will go viral, bringing in a lot of subscribers

-Build your brand by creating logos / business cards and watermarking your images

Design several amazing graphics using your own photos or stock images available within this app

PicMonkey has 9,000+ graphics and textures, 100s of beautiful fonts, 1000s of templates, and many stock images and videos.


Top 5 Instagram Photo Apps


-Free with limitations

-Pro: For individuals- $24.17billed monthly

                                – $29 billed annually

-Team: Small and large companies – $16.50 billed monthly

                                                         – $99 billed annually

Piktochart is one of the best Instagram photo apps. Piktochart helps to transform images, and texts into a visual representation that makes the viewer understand the information at a glance.


-It makes creating beautiful and engaging contents in any format easily

-It makes branding easy by creating and using the company’s logo, colors and fonts across your contents.

-Using this app for all your photo editing saves time because of the presence of a well-equipped library of templates, stock images, etc that can be used.

-Translate complex data into visual stories with the help of maps, charts, graphs etc.

Piktochart can be used to design





-Pitch decks

-LinkedIn posts

4)Landscape By Sprout Social

Top 5 Instagram Photo Apps


-Standard: $99 per user/month

-Professional: $149 per user/month

-Advanced: $249 per user/month

Landscape by Sprout Social is one of the top Instagram photo apps. Landscape app is a social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest, etc) image resizing tool.

Landscape app is a simple yet powerful image resizer for social media marketers and advertisers, business owners, and content creators. 

This app is very useful because it can create a lot of images resized to fit the Instagram platform so that your images are not wider or narrower than the Instagram screen. This ensures that the Instagram posts, ads, campaigns, etc pass across the intended information.

All you have to do is upload the image you intend to resize onto Landscape, choose the social media platform and format you intend to upload the photo to, crop and adjust the image to fit it into the screen of the social media platform.

Also check out, ” Sprout Social App.

5)Square Sized

Top 5 Instagram Photo Apps



Square Sized is one of the best Instagram photo apps. It helps to resize and export Instagram photos and videos.

Top 5 Instagram Photo Apps


-You can import photos and videos from your phone, Facebook or Instagram to be edited in Square Sized. You can also snap pictures directly on Square Sized for editing after which they can be shared to Instagram by clicking the “share button”

-You can add borders on each size of your photos or Instagram to make it ready for Instagram

-You can add filters, overlays, typography, shapes and texts  to your photos. 

-You can be as creative as possible when adding texts to the images by adjusting the fonts, resizing, and rotating the texts on the image to achieve a unique look. 

-This app has a number of built-in backgrounds you can choose from when editing your Instagram photo.

Square Sized app is available on ipad, iOS


Instagram photo apps are very important when building your influence on social media as a brand or business owner.

Below is a summary of the top 5 Instagram photo apps




4)Landscape by Sprout Social


Comment below if you have any questions and I will reply swiftly. You can also comment below if you have used any of these apps to share your experiences with us.

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