Top 3 eBook Apps

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Ebooks are undoubtedly more popular than traditional paper books and in my opinion, it is mainly because of their easy accessibility at any place, any day, and anytime.

I have compiled a list of top 10 eBook apps that you can try.

1)Amazon Kindle

Top 3 eBook Apps To Get Millions Of Books To Read


-Free: Limited access

-Paid: Kindle unlimited for $9.99 monthly

Amazon Kindle is one of the top eBook apps. It is impossible to talk about eBook apps without mentioning Amazon kindle because of its popularity in serving us a wide range of books, from fiction to non-fiction to romance eBooks amongst others.

Top 3 eBook Apps To Get Millions Of Books To Read


A)You can read any type of books, like magazine, newspapers, comics, action, etc any day and anywhere, whether you are at the club, on a bus, at a busy market, etc

B)This app puts your next best read at your fingertip

-It has over 6 million kindle books

-It has about 1 million audiobooks

-It has about 1,000 magazines, books, comics etc

C)You get to turn your phone into a book that can be accessed anywhere unlike the traditional paper book that you need to carry around

D)You have the ability to customize every book you read. You can change the fonts, text size, text alignment, and orientation, add filters, adjust the brightness, etc. You can also make it scrollable from one page to the next or decide to swipe left or right.

E)It has in-built Wikipedia, dictionary, translations, etc to find out the meaning of any word that you do not understand while reading.

F) You can bookmark pages of books that you want to re-visit

G)You can track your reading progress per book

H)You can skim through or skip pages to get a summary of the book if you wish to without losing track of what you are reading with a feature known as “Page Flip”.

I)If you can’t or don’t want to read, you have the option of listening to the book

J)Your books are synced across all your devices, so you can start reading a book on one device and easily pick up from where you stopped on another device.

Amazon Kindle app also sends you notifications when your favorite authors release a new book. This app is available on mobiles and desktops. So what are you waiting for?. Get the Amazon Kindle app today!

2)Nook: Read eBooks & Magazines

Top 3 eBook Apps To Get Millions Of Books To Read


-Free to download

Nook is one of the best ebook apps. This app is an award-winning app that gives you access to over 4 million books including magazines, newspapers, fiction, etc. This app improves the “user experience” by allowing the reader to customize the book they are reading by adding filters, adjusting the fonts, brightness, etc

Top 3 eBook Apps To Get Millions Of Books To Read


A)The bookstore in this app contains the latest bestsellers, expert recommendation, new releases, etc

B)You can use the “Read and Record” function for kid’s interactive books so that you can still read to your kids even when you aren’t physically there.

C)Read any magazines, newspaper free for the first 14 days

D)Download and add favourites to wishlists

E)Sync books to all your devices, so that you can pick up from where you stopped reading on another device.

F)Use ArticleView function to easily read magazines

G)Use Zoom View function for a guarded panel to panel experience

H)Talkback and Screen magnification makes this suitable for blind and low vision readers.

I)Customize the page by adjusting the fonts, colors, brightness etc of the page texts.

J)Get free friday eBook selections every week

With the Nook app, you can read books anywhere and everywhere. Get Nook app today!

3)Wattpad – Read & Write Stories

Top 3 eBook Apps To Get Millions Of Books To Read



Wattpad is one of the best eBook apps. This app is a little bit different from the 2 apps discussed above because, in this app, you can read stories and write original stories directly on this app.

When you join Wattpad, you will be introduced to a community of passionate readers and writers.

Top 3 eBook Apps To Get Millions Of Books To Read


A)You can browse various genres and top trending titles to read

B)You can build your own library

C)You can also download books to read offline

D)You can share your comments and votes on your favorites with the Wattpad community 

E)You can get alerts whenever new chapters of your favorites are added

F)You can also start your story writing journey

G)You can read the stories on Wattpad in a plethora of languages.

H)You will get to connect and interact with like-minded story lovers

Wattpad is available on iOS and Android. Get Wattpad app today!

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EBook apps on smartphones help you read books on-the-go.

Below is a summary of the top 3 eBook apps that you can try.

1)Amazon Kindle

2)Nook: Read eBooks & Magazines

3)Wattpad – Read & Write Stories

Comment below if you have any questions and I will reply swiftly, you can also share your experiences with the apps discussed in this article if you have used any of them.

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