Tips On How To Keep A Clean House As A Family With Kids.

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Keeping a clean house as a family with kids is possible and you should prioritize it in your home. 

1. Know that keeping a clean house is possible:

One of the major reasons why so many families with kids don’t have clean homes is because they don’t know that it is even possible to keep a clean house even with kids. Well, if you love and enjoy a clean environment, it is very possible to keep a clean house. All you need to do is, make up your mind that you will live and raise up your kids in a clean environment for the benefit of everyone, and you will!

Tips On How To Keep A Clean House As A Family With Kids.

2. Grab as you go:

A lot of people talk about this and it’s true. Grab as you go is, ‘every time that you are leaving a place, pick something in that place that belongs to where you are 

going to or on the way to where you are going to’. This way, things will hardly be out of where they belong which will make your house to be clean and organized. 

3. Get everyone involved:

You cannot keep a clean house all by yourself when you are living with other people. Firstly, share duties with everyone including the kids no matter how little they are. The ones that can sweep or brush should do so, the ones that can arrange or pick up should do so, the ones that cannot do anything, hold their hands at times when you are cleaning just to make them see that cleaning is part of living. Bottom line is, no one should be left behind. The benefits of this are.

A. This will help them to be responsible for their actions such as how they litter the house. Once they understand that littering is not for free,  they will be careful about it and it will help you to have a clean house while inculcating responsible virtues into your kids. 

B. You will raise up ready helpers on time that will enjoy cleaning and help to keep your house, their house, and their environment clean. 

4. Have a place for everything:

Keeping a clean house requires you to have a place for everything. Under normal circumstances,  having a place for everything with kids around still needs hard work to make sure that the things remain where they belong. However, because there is a place, with time, the kids will learn how to keep each thing where it belongs. 

Note. The ability of toddlers to be able to take something from a particular place and return it back to where they took it from is an exercise that develops the child’s cognitive reasoning. 

Consequently, create shelves. You can buy shelves or make shelves out of cardboard boxes with the children. create corners, have boxes to pack things. This tip is one you cannot ignore if you want a clean house as a family with kids. 

5. keep your bed dressed:

One of the things that help your house to look clean is your bed. Form the habit of dressing your bed in the morning and always stretch it if you feel like it’s unkept. It’s advisable to use elastic covers bedspread in the kid’s room and rooms that they have access to. This tip will always make your house look clean even with kids. 

6. Keep a clean kitchen:

The kitchen is the place where dirt easily travels from the rest of the house because of the nature of the activities that go on in the kitchen. If you can succeed in keeping your kitchen clean, you’ve succeeded to keep your whole house clean. 

Always endeavor to make sure your kitchen floor is clean.

7. Don’t store up dirty dishes:

It’s very important to endeavor to keep your dishes clean if you want a clean house. Dirty dishes not only make your house look dirty but also gives the house a bad smell that pollutes the air in the house. Wash as you eat, don’t keep it for the next time.

Nevertheless, if for some reason you are just not able to wash the dishes immediately,  clear the remaining food in the plate before you drop it, this way, you will have no stinking unwashed plates. 

8. Create a play corner.

If you want to keep a clean house as a family with kids, you need to create a play corner or provide a playroom for them. Kids cannot help but play and as far as they are concerned,  everything is a toy for them, and everywhere is a place for them to play. This is why you would go to some houses and be searching for where your legs can fit in. It shouldn’t be so. Toys are not everywhere because you have kids, toys are everywhere because you didn’t direct them on how and where to play. 

Nevertheless, it’s never too late to fix this. If you have enough room, sacrifice one room just for play for your kids. This will save you a lot of stress while keeping the house clean and organized which in turn will help the kids from now till when they become adults. If you don’t have enough space, create a corner and arrange their toys there. If you don’t have a conner, get a box like a box from something you got, or, go to shops around you and ask for a box. Put all of their toys in the box, whenever they want to play, bring them out, and pour them where you feel comfortable with them. When they are done, get them to clean up and take it back. 

There’s no excuse why you cannot keep a clean house while everyone still have fun.

9. Don’t have a cleaning time:

This is an important tip for you to note if you intend to keep a clean house as a family with kids. Here’s the thing. Every dirt that you don’t clean now spreads and creates more jobs for you later.

For instance, if you discover dirt in the sitting room and don’t clean it immediately, it would spread to the room and other places as people walk around. By the time you decide to clean,  you wouldn’t be cleaning just the sitting room now, but other parts of the room which will cost you more time and energy. This is why the best tip to keep your house clean is ” don’t have a cleaning time”.


Raising up your kids in a clean house is one of the best gifts you will give to your children. You will not just feel good and live healthy as a result of keeping a clean house but you’ll also be raising clean and organized kids that will become a huge blessing to society. 

However you cannot achieve this without applying these tips on how to keep a clean house as a family with kids. 

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