The 4 Priorities Of A Student

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A student is a person who is studying and gaining knowledge with the intention to practice in a particular profession. The students that I’m referring to in this article are university students. 

There are different kinds of students.

-Full-time student and part-time student.

Then, there are different levels of students.

-There are young students between the ages of 15 to 30. Most of the students in this category are single and are sponsored by their parents or guidance. 

-The second level of students are people who are older. Most people in this second category sponsor themselves and have families already.

Whichever category of student you fall into,  the common aim is that you are gaining knowledge to practice in a particular profession. 

However, my focus on this topic “the priority of a student” will be mostly directed to the young and single students. 

I want to start off by saying that going to and graduating from the university is not all there is to attain your destiny. Your graduation only qualifies you to practice in the profession that you want to. 

However, the profession might lead or might not lead to the fulfillment of your destiny. Professions that suit your destiny will bring you satisfaction and fulfillment in life but not all professions do because not all professions suit your original and natural personality.

I say all of this because so many people see university as their highest point of achievement,  like “once I can be a graduate and start to work,  it’s all over”. Well,  if that were to be true, every graduate that has a job should be happy and fulfilled but there are lots of frustrated working graduates.

Graduating from the university and getting a job is not all that you need in life which is why I want to help you to set your priorities right by not just focusing on graduating and getting a job but rather,  become built, established, and ready to impact the world.

If all parents and guidance knew this, it would be easier for the student because some of these fundamental issues will be sorted out before the child is even sent to the university. 

Nevertheless,  be grateful that you still have the opportunity to go to school. Life changes drastically after school,  you might never have the kind of opportunity that you have as a student after school again. 

School time offers a lot of wonderful opportunities that can help you build the life you want to live for the rest of your life. This is easier and possible as a young single person because your brain gets nourished daily and you have more time and space as a single person. 

The 4 Priorities Of A Student

This brings us to the priority of a student. What’s your priority as a student? 

1. Define your life

Your first priority as a student is to define your life. This is the time to have an accurate definition of who you are, what you’re doing where you are right now and where you are going. 

This will help you to know if you’re literally going to practice what you’re studying or you’re going to use it to practice something else or if you’re going to use the knowledge to establish yourself. 

Furthermore,  give yourself the opportunity to try other things. Learn skills, test yourself and identify all of your areas of strength and draw a plan on how you’ll maximize them. 

You can decide and set your mind on how successful and impactful you’ll be right now that you are a student and you’ll make it happen.

2. Start to work on your skills now! 

Discovering and working on your skills is one of your priorities as a student. Some people get to discover their skills after school, worse still when they’ve started family and job life. 

Discovering your skills in the university is even late, however, it is still be better and very helpful if you can discover it now that you’re still a student and start to work on it.

Do something about your dreams and develop your skills everyday. 

As a student, you can establish something now, and then expand it when you finish school and can afford more time and required resources for it. 

For instance, if you realize that you love to write, start writing your books. Books don’t expire, so you can publish them whenever you have the resources. Imagine how an employer would look at you if as a fresh student you have books written down already.

Having an experience like this should be one of your priorities as a student. 

3. The sacrifice of your time and resources as a student should be enough to make you the best in your field of study

Going to the university is a choice, so if you choose to be there, coming out from it as the best in your field should be one of your priorities. Make the success journey easier for yourself by gaining all the knowledge that you need in that area in an excellent way. 

Focus your attention on what you want to do with the knowledge you acquired and how you want to do it. Ask yourself if you want to be at the top of your career or you’re fine with being at the bottom. When you have a picture of what you’re going to do with what you’re studying, it will affect your commitment to studying.

4. Research and make connections 

Don’t limit yourself to your school environment, research globally on all of your interests and career. Research and study people at the top of their career in your field. The purpose of this is so that you will be well equipped before getting into the real world.

Also,  put effort into making connections. Make effort to attend seminars if possible. You can also volunteer to help in the area of your profession if there’s an opportunity for that. Just be eager to gain experience and get comfortable in the area of your chosen profession or interests before you’re even qualified for it. 

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University days are planting days and planting time is not a time to be distracted. You will make a lot of mistakes in this season but all you can do is learn from them. If you fail, get up, dust yourself and try again ;;;; Concentrate and plant today, your priority as a student should be gathering all of the seeds that you need, focus, and plant them while enjoying the dreams of you enjoying your fruits tomorrow because it will surely come.

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