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Sprout Social App

Sprout Social app is a social media management tool. This tool is best for Instagram business pages but it can also be used for the creator and personal pages depending on your goals.


-30 days free trial

-Pro: $149 per user / month

This app helps you to schedule posts, manage comments, monitor hashtags and run reports.

Sprout social app is made up of a number of platforms and integrations in order to enable you to work smarter with better results.

Sprout Social App Platforms

1)Social Analytics

Social analytics is very important in any social media app or tool. This is because we often can’t tell what does or doesn’t work until we test different contents, hashtags, etc. We also need to monitor your audience’s behavior when they land on your page. 

This information will help give you insight and assist you in decision-making when managing your accounts. Sprout social app gives all this information in a simple but yet sophisticated manner.

2)Social Engagements

Social engagement management is very important in ensuring the consistent growth of your social media accounts. Social engagement helps to “humanize” your accounts to ensure their growth, but engaging with your audience on your various social media accounts can be very tasking and time-consuming. 

Sprout social app helps to simplify this process while ensuring consistency in engaging with your audience.

3)Social Publishing

When you have more than one social media account that you have to publish posts on, multiple times, every single day, it can become time-consuming to manually log in and out of your several accounts to publish posts. 

Sprout takes the hassle out of it by providing tools that make publishing on several accounts easier and more straightforward.

4)Social Listening

One of the keys to building a brand and staying relevant amongst your competitors on social media is “studying/monitoring” your competitors. 

Sprout helps you do just that, providing insights with ways to overcome your competitors and improve your brand

5)Social Automation

Setting daily goals on all your social media platforms ensures consistent growth and influence in your network but achieving these daily goals could be tasking or even impossible depending on the quantity of work you have.

Sprout helps to ensure you achieve your daily goals by automating your daily tasks across each social media platforms

6)Social Collaborations

Sprout creates a collaboration workflow among team members in any part of the world by providing the “smart inbox” where messages from every team member are filtered into.

Sprout Social has different plans available to their clients. They provide solutions for enterprises, agencies, small businesses, social management, customer care, advocacy, data intelligence, and industries.

Sprout Social Integrations

Sprout social manages almost all the major social media platforms. They include






We will be talking about what sprout social app helps you to achieve on different social media platforms, but before we do, let’s have an overview of the functions of sprout social across all platforms

Sprout Social Functions Across All Platforms

1)Plan and publish

2)Collaborate and manage

3)Monitor and engage

4)Analyse and report

Below are details of what sprout social does for each social media platform


A)Manage multiple facebook pages

B)Creates engaging facebook contents

C)Manage conversations and build relationships

D)Analyse content performance and viewers behaviour

E)Simplify content development & page posting

F)Manage fans & pages as a team effectively

G)Unify social CRM across messenger & pages

H)Gather strategic insights from facebook data


A)Manage multiple Instagram accounts

B)Manage and publish engaging Instagram contents

C)Build stronger customer relationship

D)Analyse content performance, hashtag performance, visitors’ and followers’ behaviour

E)Increase and maintain productive with team tools and workflows

F)Increase engagement with Instagram monitoring

G)Monitor performance with Instagram reports

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A)Manage multiple twitter accounts at the same time

B)Makes sharing contents with your audience easy.  

C)Foster stronger twitter relationships

D)Analyze reports and metrics of your twitter contents in order to know what steps to take in order to grow your twitter account

E)It implements collaborative workflow processes

F)It provides a social inbox in order to engage with your audiences. 

4) LinkedIn

A)Manage multiple LinkedIn accounts

B)It helps to plan your contents and campaigns

C)It assists in delivering relevant LinkedIn updates

D)Facilitates engaging easily with your audience 

E)Align LinkedIn contents to your business goals

F)Easily manage workflow & user settings

G)Engage with the leaders, CEOs etc in your networks

H)Runs analytics reports to show you what does and doesn’t work


A)Manage multiple pinterest accounts

B)Store your assets in one place

C)Stay up-to-date and ahead of your visual strategies

D)Gain perspective across all channels

E)It fosters healthy collaborations across your team 

F)Provides analytics reports in order to be able to grow your accounts

There are other integrations on Sprout social, they include Youtube, Reddit, Tripadvisor, Glassdoor.


Sprout Social app is a social media app that helps content creators manage their personal and business social media accounts. It makes managing multiple social media accounts at the same time with consistency and efficacy a very easy task.

Below is a summary of what you need to know about Sprout Social App

Sprout Social Platforms includes:

-Social Analytics

-Social Publishing

–Social Engagements

-Social Listening

-Social Automations

-Social Collaborations

Sprout Social Integrations Includes







Comment below if you have any questions and I will reply swiftly, also comment if you use sprout social app and share your experience with us.

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