8 Tips To Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back

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There are so many arguments on whether a woman can get her pre-baby body back. Can she go back to the shape and weight that she was before child delivery? You might not return to weighing 50kg if you were 50kg before childbirth, however, you can definitely look as beautiful and as sexy as you were before childbirth. In other words, you can still have your stomach flat and your body firm and sexy. 

8 Tips To Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back

Below are my 8 tips to regain your pre-baby body back

#1 To Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back – Make up your mind that you’ll remain sexy

So many people go into the childbearing journey with the mindset that everything about their body would change for bad, meanwhile, there are a lot of people that childbearing has brought out the best shape and beauty in them.  Always have the mindset that if your body would change,  it would be for the best, see yourself that way and you’ll remain sexy after childbirth. 

#2 To Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back – Eat healthy

You’ll often hear things like, “you need to eat for two because you’re pregnant or because you are nursing a child. This is a deceptive admonition and has led many ladies to gain weight after childbirth and lose their shape. The truth is that,  you don’t have to eat for two, you just have to eat healthily and that’s it.

In fact,  don’t eat more than you used to eat before you became pregnant,  train your stomach to eat a particular portion of food and your stomach will adjust and maintain the proportion you want.

For instance,  if you could eat only 1 pack of noodles before you became pregnant,  stick to that one when you become pregnant,  if you feel unsatisfied after eating the one pack that you used to eat, eat vegetables or fruits but not an additional pack. 

However,  after birth,  the need for more food seems to increase because you now have more space in your stomach that needs more food. Here’s what to note, Your stomach is elastic,  it increased because of the baby but with time, it will contract back.

If you feed the elastic stomach with the quantity of food it needs at that time, then it will keep the “elastically” increased stomach that way, but if you ignore it and stick to the normal quantity of food you used to eat before it expanded, it will contract back to its usual size,  and you’ll have your body and your stomach back to normal. 

Finally,  anytime that you don’t feel satisfied after eating, always satisfy yourself with fruits,  vegetables,  or water instead of more food.

#3 To Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back – Be selective on your meals.

The truth about pregnancy and nursing a child is that you have the tendency to add weight if you don’t watch it. One of the ways through which this happens is the kind of food you eat. 

Avoid too many starchy foods. For instance,  don’t eat noodles, rice and pasta on the same day as it all contains starch. 

Again, drinking water can never be over-emphasized, drink lots and lots of water, it will keep you hydrated and will supply enough nutrients to your baby without you having to eat too much.

#4 To Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back – Exclusive breastfeeding.

Exclusive breastfeeding is the act of giving your child only breast milk from the day of birth till 6months. If you care so much about remaining sexy after childbirth, exclusive breastfeeding is one option that you can really embrace. 

Reasons why you should embrace this:

– What makes your stomach start returning to its size before pregnancy is called “womb contractions”. Although mothers are usually given drugs to help contract their womb after childbirth, those drugs can’t be taken regularly.

-Every time your baby sucks, the sucking motion triggers the contraction of your womb, so if your baby sucks for many months, even up to 6 months, your womb will be contracting for a long time leading to you regaining your stomach size before pregnancy.  

In a nutshell,  if your baby is drinking breast milk from a bottle or drinking any other type of baby milk, you will have a reduced chance of regaining your flat stomach but if your baby is sucking, then you have many more chances to return back to your sexy shape in no time.

#5 To Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back – Get girdles

There are so many gadgets that can really help you with staying sexy after childbirth and one of them is a girdle. I would advise that a girdle should be on your list as you’re shopping for baby things because you’re going to need it. Get a comfortable girdle that fits you and be faithful with using it after childbirth.

#6 To Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back – Exercise

Of course, we all know that exercise is a great way of keeping fit but the truth is, there are some women that are not just into doing exercises like press-ups, gyming, or jugging which can help you to lose weight and burn tummy fat, while some new mothers might not have the time to exercise as there is usually a lot to do around the house.

How then can pregnant women and nursing mothers exercise? – ‘ be busy’. There’s usually a lot to do especially after birth and if you get involved in them, you might not need to do any formal exercises.

House chores like cleaning, cooking, and taking care of the baby would compel you to stand and walk around for a long time. Even the mental exercise involved in doing a million things at a time can contribute to you burning a lot of calories, hence helping you to stay sexy. 

#7 To Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back – Dress fitting.

Some women stopped looking sexy after childbirth not because they gained so much weight after childbirth, but because they started dressing badly for whatsoever reason. It’s no doubt that there’s a lot that comes with childbirth but if you can have the time to put on clothes, then please put on the right thing.

I don’t encourage indecent dressing but I strongly recommend that you dress to fit. Wear clothes that are your size and not bigger than you, wear neat clothes and clean off stains immediately or change the clothes if it gets too messy,  just look sweet and you’ll always be beautiful to behold.

Note. Dressing well is not as expensive as people think, whatever quality of clothes you can afford for now, make sure you get your size and keep them clean. 

#8 To Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back – Avoid toxic stress. 

Stress is a bad acquaintance that nobody should keep close. Weight gain is one of the damages that stress leaves on the human body. To a more science inclined person, there are some biochemical pathways triggered by stress that leads to the accumulation of abdominal fat which leads to weight gain.

However, in simplifying the complex metabolic processes of stress-induced fat, two key biological chemicals are the main actors in initiating weight gain during stress.

During stressful situations,  hormones known as adrenaline and cortisol are released in the body which increases the intake of glucose by our cells. Cortisols try to help replenish more glucose after stressful situations by storing more and this results in increased cravings for junk and fatty foods which can quickly become a bad eating habit. This process results in increased abdominal fats which in turn leads to weight gain

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These tips to remain sexy after childbirth has been tested and trusted. Make up your mind to do what it takes to get what you want, which is your sexy body before pregnancy.

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