How To Balance Work And Fun

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Balancing work and fun in our everyday lives is a very important skill that everyone should equip themselves with. The Oxford dictionary defines work as an activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result. While fun is defined as enjoyment, amusement, or lighthearted pleasure.

Now, both work and fun are very important in one’s life as they each have their reward. However, there’s often a challenge of how to balance work and fun as so many people lack the strategy to balance the two. It’s either too much or too little work/fun.

First, let’s take a look at the advantages and importance of work and fun

A)Work for adults is generally anything that you do to earn a living, you could be working for someone else, the government, an institution, or for yourself. Like I always say ” living is working”. 

-If you’re living,  you have to survive and to survive you have to maintain yourself and your environment. Maintenance needs money and money answers to work. So yes! Working is extremely important for life as a whole. 

-Nevertheless, working produces pressure as it poses a demand to achieve a goal in a certain period of time. This is where you will need something other than work to cushion the constant pressure that could break you and hinder you from doing the work that you need to do in order to maintain yourself and your environment.

B)Fun is any activity that brings enjoyment,  relaxation, and pleasure to you. Our body is not wired to work 24 hours of the day none stop. It will break down. This means that fun is also as important as work.

-The laughter and joy that fun brings is medicine to the mind which reflects in our outward appearance. Have you ever heard the saying “money cannot buy joy? well, the fun can!

How To Balance Work And Fun

Having understood the importance of both work and fun, let’s look at how we can balance both work and fun?

1. Create time for both of them

Deliberately creating time for work and fun is how you can balance both of them. I understand that at times, you might have so much need to meet up with such that creating a fun time for yourself might look like you’re being irresponsible. 

However, you need to realize that not relaxing might affect the quality of your work negatively putting your job at risk. Also, working without fun might get you so stressed in such a way that it might begin to affect the people around you, even the people you are working so hard to take care of. They might not be able to appreciate your hard work because all they see is the stress of your work.

This is why it’s always wise to create time for fun and work. You need to work! Look for jobs that you’re good at that wouldn’t put so much stress on you. There are also so many opportunities to own your own business on the internet, so do your research, search for different streams of income online.

Having a business of your own would help you to plan your life in such a way that you’ll always have time for both work and fun.

2. Locate people that you know love fun but still works

There are people that are just fun-filled but yet, have a stable job. Sometimes you just need some fun lovers around you to help you ease off work stress. These fun lovers are people that know the importance of having fun and have figured out how to meet up with the demands of their job while having a healthy dose of fun. Ask questions about how to have fun after work. 

Note. Be wise when taking advice from people about work and fun. Analyze and use the advice you get only if you are at peace with them and they won’t jeopardize your life and work. Do only what you are comfortable with

When you catch fun with other people,  it will make you feel less guilty about you having fun, and you’ll gradually begin to enjoy it because you’ll notice the positive effects it has on you and on your work, including on the people around you.

3. Plan for vacations away from where you work

Vacations are a great way to have fun during holidays. Vacation simply means going to a location that is completely set up for fun or pleasure. This location might be very far away from your home or not too far. 

I recently discovered that people go on vacation in a park around them, the idea is that the park is set up for fun so they just go with food, clothes and any other thing that they might need and relax for some days. Some go on a camp bus and some don’t. Bottom line is that they’re away from home and work. People took fun to this level because it might be impossible at times to create time for fun around your work area or at home. 

For instance,  if you own the company,  you might always be tempted to keep on working in order to keep tabs on what is happening. So, traveling away from where your work is located will compel you to have that fun.

On the flip side, if you own your own business, you might be tempted to start going on vacation every time you feel like it. Having this at heart will help you to balance both work and fun and you’ll be good.

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Balancing work and fun is not difficult if you understand the importance of both of them. In whatever you do,  you need a comfortable long life with good health which is what both work and fun will give to you.

Finally,  there are so many wrong ways to have fun that might be risky for you such as drinking too much alcohol, smoking,  doing drugs,  amongst others.  They might relieve you of stress but this only lasts for a while and the side effects of these risky activities might end up hurting you causing more stress on you.

They say, “too much of everything is bad!” stay decent and safe.

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