How To Cope With Kids During Quarantine.

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The ongoing pandemic has become so threatening that having a lockdown is necessary to curtail the spread of the pandemic. This lockdown includes schools that have resulted in making kids stay at home.

This change, no doubt been a challenge to so many parents especially parents with many kids and some parents that still have to go to work.

How To Cope With Kids During Quarantine.

Nevertheless, there is a way to survive through this which is why I decided to share these tips on how to cope with kids during quarantine.

1. Prepare yourself.

The very first thing that you need to do is to prepare yourself for this.

-Accept the fact that your kids staying indoors with you every day has become your new reality for as long as necessary

-Understand that the lockdown hasn’t come to inconvenience you but to protect you and your family

-Plan your shopping and get everything you will need during this time

-Go through your normal schedule for the day and see which one you would have to cancel for now and what activities you will have to add

Finally, tell yourself that, although it’s not going to be easy, the kids are yours and you will take care of them with joy in your heart.

2. See the advantages of spending more time with your kids.

No matter how tough this might appear right now, there are so many advantages to spending all day with your kids. There are people doing homeschooling and this is because of the advantages it has.

-This period will give you the opportunity to bond with your children more. You never know how much space has been created between you and your kids until there is an opportunity like this.

-This period will give you the opportunity to identify all of the places that your kids need help educationally. In school, your child is not the only one that the teacher has to pay attention to. However, we see that the limited attention makes a lot of things about your child go unnoticed by the teacher. As a parent, this would give you the quality time to notice everything about your kids which will help you to help them better.

-The safest place for kids is always the home. There are a lot of casualties that happen in schools that can be easily avoided at home. At school, it is impossible to assign one teacher to one child to protect them because there are so many children compared to the number of teachers in school. Children are more adequately protected at home.

3. Get their school routine.

Another thing you can do to help you through this period is to get their school routine. Since they are already used to it, use it to plan their program at home, for example, they could do school work at the same time and go for breaks at the same time. This will make them not miss school too much, and if they are older kids, you can do other things for yourself while they are engaged in their school work.

4. Create crafts activities.

One of the ways to keep kids happy and busy which will, in turn, make you relaxed is to introduce crafts activities. There’s an activity for every child no matter the age. Get recycling, get some materials, put them down, and allow them to think of ideas on how to make anything they want to.

Crafts, activities will make them not lose their speed and frequency of learning while also keeping them busy for a long time.

5. Take them to play outside.

Playing outside is one way to survive this lockdown. Kids get engaged in a lot of activities outside that help them to express their energy while enjoying themselves, such as running, jumping, skipping, and more of it. If parks are opened you can take them to the park, if not, take them to your backyard. However, playing outside will give you a lot of time to relax and play with your kids while they have fun too.

6. Introduce nap time.

It’s great if your kids have regular nap time, but if not, introducing a nap time would be a great idea. However, some children wouldn’t want to nap no matter how hard you try to make them do it because they just do not feel like it. What you could do is, still have that nap time and have them lie down on their bed when it’s time. Gradually, they might start napping but, even if they don’t, this will give them the opportunity to rest.

Also, getting kids to learn how to rest either by napping or just lying down for a while will help to reduce their hyperactive attitude.

7. Do not expose them to too much screentime.

You might have to allow them to watch some things on the screen like kids’ activities or movies suitable for kids to keep them entertained and create time for you to rest as well. However, allowing them to spend too much time on the screen might affect them negatively and do more harm than good.

Researchers have shown that too much screen time for kids affects their brain in such a way that it makes them be slow in learning, it makes them be more impatient because they get to become used to things changing as fast as the pictures on the screen. This is why children that spend too much time on the screen find it difficult to read for a long period of time. You do not want your child to return back to school slowed down academically, so, it’s important to limit their screen time.

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Having to spend time with your kids is a blessing, so have the mindset of doing your best to take care of them. Finally, one of the things you have to put in mind is to get them involved in activities that are fun, long, and enjoyable.

This is how to cope with kids during the lockdown.

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