How To Build Intimacy In Marriage.

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Intimate marriages are marriages where the couples are united, friendly, and have things in common while non-intimate marriages are the opposite and there are many reasons that could be responsible for that.

They might have gotten married for reasons that have nothing to do with intimacy or their marriage might have started off intimate but challenges of different kinds might have pulled them far apart making their marriage lose its intimacy.

How To Build Intimacy In Marriage.

However, intimacy in marriage can be built. Here are some strategies to apply in other to build intimacy in marriage.

1. Be transparent.

Transparency builds trust which builds intimacy between you and your partner. Being transparent with someone shows that you are giving that person the right to know everything about you. The feeling that you know everything about yourselves as a couple will portray a high level of respect that automatically makes you closer and more intimate with each other.

2. Eat together.

This is not commonly said but eating together is a powerful strategy that helps to build intimacy between couples. A lot of connection that happens when you and your spouse eat from the same plate such as, body contact, eye contact, etc. All of this will build intimacy in your marriage.

3. Bath together.

Bathing together is highly romantic and it is another great strategy to build intimacy in your marriage. Bathing together is a way of surrendering yourselves to each other. The body contact with the water refreshes not only your body, but also your mind. This experience is the kind that stays in your imagination and causes you to keep thinking of each other.

Constant practice of bathing together will consciously or unconsciously make you come together which will build intimacy in your marriage.

4. Go on dates.

If you feel like you need more intimacy in your marriage, go on dates, spend some money on yourselves, laugh together, see a movie together, talk about yourselves and see the magic this exercise works!

Note. Going on dates doesn’t have to be expensive or done outside the house if you cannot afford it. You can do it in your bedroom or even your sitting room. The idea is to be alone, relaxed, and to be talking intimately. if you have kids, you can plan this for when they are sleeping.

Do this as frequently as you can because it helps to build and maintain intimacy in marriage.

5. Plan together.

One of the things that kill intimacy in marriage is when couples start to have their individual plans, agendas, and goals. You might have different goals based on your purpose or career, however, this is not an excuse for you and your partner not to plan together.

As a couple, you both should know what the other person is doing per time. Listen to him or her talk about their plans, watch him or her write them out. Even if you do not have anything to contribute, rub his or her back as they wrote or talk about them. This practice will make you so addicted to each other and you will definitely have no other choice but to be intimate.

6. Don’t Keep Friends That Your Spouse Doesn’t Know About.

You and your spouse’s friends are people that can affect your home. One way to remain intimate despite having friends is to have access to each other’s friends. Do not have friends that each of you do not know about or do not have access to. Introduce all of your friends to yourselves, talk together and hang out together. This way, intimacy will become stronger in your marriage.

7. Be friends.

This is a serious issue in marriage. Lots of couples are not friends and this is one reason why you are not intimately connected.

A friend is someone that you can rely on. If you and your partner cannot rely on each other, then building intimacy in your marriage will be difficult. Have an honest talk about your friendship, understand what friendship is, and meet up with the requirements of being friends. If you can grow to be friends, then you will be able to build your intimacy in marriage.

8. Be respectful.

Why some couples lose their intimacy is because they lose respect for each other or, someone lost respect for the other. Intimacy is something that cannot be forced or faked because it comes from the heart. You can have intercourse when you don’t feel like it but you cannot be passionate when you do not feel like it.

Respect melts the heart and naturally draws you closer to each other. If you lack intimacy, check how much you respect each other. It might just be that respect is what has stolen your intimacy for each other.

9. Exchange Gifts.

Gifts are a great way to build intimacy in marriage. Do not go weeks to weeks, months to months without exchanging gifts. No matter how little it may be, get something for each other. This will make you appreciate each other more and will help you build more intimacy in your marriage.

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It is ñever too late to restore intimacy in marriage. You can do this if you are willing. Just follow these tips on how to build intimacy in marriage and you will be fine.

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