How To Avoid Mistakes When Making Decisions

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A decision is a conclusion or resolution reached after consideration. Everything in life is about decisions. Starting from your birth to death. Decision-making is very powerful and could have a long-term or short-term effect. 

Long-term decisions are decisions that require time and serious consideration. This is because if long-term decisions are not made right, it could cost you much damage. There are also short-term decisions that you might not have all the time to consider before making. Making mistakes in short-term decisions might not cost you as much damage as making mistakes in long-term decisions would. 

For instance, making a decision to get what to eat for the moment might not take so much time and the effect might not be too damaging, but, if you’re going to get a house, you really want to take your time to think about the house, the neighborhood and what it would cost you because failure to consider these might affect your security,  finances and even health which might cost some damages.

How To Avoid Mistakes When Making Decisions

Let’s take a look at the two most important decisions you’ll make in your life and how to avoid mistakes while making them. 

1. Choosing a career

According to Collins English Dictionary ‘A career is the job or profession that someone does for a long period of their life. This is one of the most important long-term decisions you’ll make in life. Choosing a career is what would determine your field of training or study as well as your source of income. 

Also, your choice of career would determine how successful and impactful you’ll be in life. Therefore, you definitely want to do all that you can to avoid making mistakes when choosing a career. 

How to avoid mistakes when choosing a career. 

A)Firstly, identify your skill and choose a career that matches it. A career is a long-term thing so it’s important to choose something that you’re naturally good at which means you wouldn’t be too stressed doing it for a long period of time.  

For instance,  if you’re good with numbers,  you wouldn’t struggle too much working in financial institutions or owning a business. 

Moreso,  you’re likely to be the best at something if you already have the skills for it and if you consistently work on it to improve it.

B)Secondly, choose a career in what you enjoy doing. Most of the time, when people go for interviews and are asked if they enjoy doing the job they’re interviewed for, they’ll often say “yes” whereas it’s a lie and it always shows at the end of the day.

This is one reason why most companies or institutions can’t retain workers for a long period of time. Places like schools suffer mostly from this challenge because students perform better with someone that they are familiar with as a result of long-term interactions. But when the teachers keep leaving because they are not enjoying what they’re doing as they claim, it becomes a challenge for the student and affects their learning process. 

Choosing a career in what you really enjoy doing will help you grow because your performance would show if you really enjoy what you’re doing and your performance in whatever you’re doing will determine how far you’ll succeed in it.

2. Choosing A Life Partner

A life partner is someone that you have committed to spend the rest of your life with romantically.

Choosing a life partner is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your life because it’s the only decision that involves another human being and might reproduce other human beings (children). It’s a decision that you wouldn’t have total control over once you sign up for it. 

Choosing a life partner is also a decision that affects your career, success and fulfillment in life.

This is a long-term decision therefore, it requires a critical investigation and consideration for both you and the other person involved. 

How to avoid mistakes when choosing a partner

A)Firstly,  be very selfish in your consideration. This might not sound okay to you but the first person to consider when choosing a partner is you! Understand who you are and your limits. Test yourself in all areas and know what you really stand for, what you can tolerate, and what you cannot tolerate. 

B)Secondly,  know your love language. When you’ve understood yourself this much, it will help you to know who you want. You need to know your shape before you start looking for the perfect hole that fits your exact shape. 

C)Thirdly, Understand the person. Don’t take what he or she tells you that they are. Take your quality time to understand who he or she truly is.

Note. Please do not lie to yourself. If you know that you cannot stand cheating, don’t give excuses for them when you see all of the obvious signs that this person has the tendency to cheat. They are comfortable with what you are because it’s what they want.

If you go ahead even when you know that you are not comfortable, you will end up in frustration. You cannot change anyone,  you can only enjoy or endure what you got. 

D)Lastly,  know the exact intention for the partnership. Knowing the intention will help you to avoid making mistakes because it will tell you if the partnership is worth it or not.

For instance, don’t expect to get married to someone who is dating you because you are his source of income and think that along the line, you would stop being that source of income. If anything happens and you fail to satisfy that original expectation, that union will start to shake because what it was standing on is no longer there.

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Most times, what drives us to make mistakes that cost us dearly includes lack of patience, lack of proper investigation, and most of all, not being true to yourself. We often let immediate gratification blind us from seeing and considering the long-term reward from our decisions. 

Finally, ask sincere people around you about the decisions you want to make. Make sure to ask people that you know will be very honest with you.

All these precautions will help you to avoid making mistakes concerning important decisions in your life.

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