Top 3 PDF Editing Apps

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PDF editing apps when it comes to making, saving, and sharing documents digitally without the fear of the texts and images moving and getting displaced based on the type and size of the device used to view it, pdf format has proven to be the best format.

PDF can also be viewed on different types of devices like Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, etc with the help of in-built or downloaded tools or software.

However, when it comes to editing the PDF, tweaking the texts and images in the PDF files, things gets difficult.

In this article, I have compiled 8 top PDF editing software that can be used when you need to change or add to that text or image in your PDF file.


Best 8 PDF Editing Apps


-Free: 3 documents with at most 200 words each per day

-Paid: $5.00 weekly for Web pro or $69.95 for desktop license offers unlimited edits

Sejda is one of the best free PDF editing apps.


A)PDF editor

-It can directing edit the texts and images of PDF file

-You can directly sign your PDF files


-You can merge different PDF files together and re-arrange them in the order you want it to be.

C)Converts from PDF to excel, jpg, ppt, text and word

D)Converts html, jpg, word to PDF

E)It can compress, split, extract and delete pages.

Best 8 PDF Editing Apps

Sejda has some disadvantages as well;

-It struggles with custom fonts, and the solution is to first convert the font to a font present in Sejda before editing it.

-It often applies the same edit across a paragraph, so you can’t have some words “BOLD” while some in “italics” in the same paragraphs. The solution is to create a text box around the word or group of words you want to have a particular type of edit and edit it before dragging it back to join the paragraph.

One thing I like about this software is that you can start with a completely blank document and successfully create a new PDF document.

Sejda is available on Web, Windows, Mac, Linux


Best 8 PDF Editing Apps



Xodo is also one of the top PDF editing apps. Xodo is the best PDF collaborating app which offers the opportunity for various people anywhere in the world to collaborate virtually and edit a PDF together.

Below is a list of things you can do with the Xodo app:

-You can merge several PDFs

-You can organize pages by deleting, inserting, reordering and rotating pages

-You can access PDFs on Google Drive

-It fosters online collaborations

-It secures your files in your computer

-Files can be printed directly from your browser

-It has multiple view modes and flexible zoom

-You can use this software without signing in

-It has many annotation options


A)Xodo’s markup feature is what distinguishes this app from most of the other PDF editors.

B)When you drag and drop a PDF file into the Xodo app, it opens up in the browser with all the useful annotation features.

C)The markup features allows you to

-Fill out PDF forms

-Search through documents

-Bookmark pages

-Highlight texts

-Strikethrough texts

-Add images, signatures, texts, shapes etc

D)With Xodo, you can’t change the texts or images of the PDF, but you can add anything else to the PDF

E)It is also built for collaboration between people in any part of the world. You either edit the PDF file, download it and send it to your co-worker for further editing, or everyone working on that file can log in  and work on the same file at the same time together

F)You can invite other people to work on a file with you, by sending an invite either through a link or an email

Xodo is available on the Web, Android, iOS, Windows 


Best 8 PDF Editing Apps


-Free: Only for 1 GB + 25 conversion minutes per day

-Pro Upgrade : Unlimited size + 500 conversion minutes per day

CloudConvert is one of the best PDF editing apps. It does this by converting PDF to a word document, which can then be converted back into PDF to be saved and shared.

CloudConvert is a file converter for a wide range of formats. Concentrating on the PDF format, it can be converted to DOC, DOCX, DXF, HTML, RTF, TXT, LRF, PDB, RMP, GIF, etc

Best 8 PDF Editing Apps

Features of the PDF to Word Converter Tool

A)Converts PDF to DOC, DOCX

B)Extracts images and texts, replaces the fonts with very similar fonts preserving the original format of the file.

C)Can be automated by Zapier where files in the PDF format saved in Dropbox or Drives automated by Zapier are converted to Word document by the cloud convert and saved back to the original folder.

D)You can customize or edit this word document and then convert it back to PDF 

Cloud Convert is available only on the web.

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Having the ability to edit PDF files is very useful in our everyday life. So, below is a summary of the top 3 PDF editing apps

1)Sejda, available on Web, Mac, Windows, Linux

2)Xodo, available on Web, Windows, Android, iOS

3)Cloud Convert, available only on the Web

Comment below if you have any questions and I will reply swiftly. You can also share any other PDF editing app you have used with us

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