7 Ultimate Ways To Get Over A Heartbreak

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 Heartbreak most of the time could be shattering. When this happens, you feel hopeless and that is a normal reaction. By the end of this write-up, you would be able to move on from the hurt.

7 Ultimate ways to get over a heartbreak

1. Accept the situation

Ever wondered why you feel the heartbreak so much that it feels like physical pain? Science has evidence to support that assertion because your brain records it that way.

Some people deal with it by accepting it and working through the pain while some neglect it and that is a lurking booming danger in the nearest future. The hard truth is, you need to accept it as what it is.

2. Review the relationship

This is one of the hardest things to do when you are going through heartbreak, but this is the best thing to do so you can learn from it and give yourself some accolades for how amazing you were at some point in the relationship.

You also need to evaluate you and your ex-partner’s strengths and weaknesses and how they must have played a role in the demise of your relationship. This will help you identify if you or your ex-partner have any toxic behaviour, so that you can easily identify and avoid people with those toxic behaviour in the future and also work on yourself if you are the person with the toxicity.

3. Do the work

There’s a saying, ” experience is the best teacher” but I also notice that most people tend to forget lessons learnt from an experience in the long run except if the experience is very traumatic. So, the best time to do the work is in the process of healing.

How do you do this? The easiest way is to read from people’s experiences and how they were able to overcome their pain. This will make it faster for you. Do not get me wrong, not all stories fit your situation but in the multitude of good counsel, be sure to know that you would be well advised.

Come to think of it, your heart is crushed, and you might be thinking with your emotions which is fickle at the moment. You need to make decisions that come from critical thinking. Keeping a gratitude journal makes one shift perspective from negative to positive and gives one hope for the future.

4. Come on! Eat

Dark chocolate has been shown to contain some mood-lifting hormone known as serotonin, which helps you in feeling happier. So, what are you waiting for? Go eat some chocolate.

For those who don’t like dark chocolate, you can go ahead and eat any other type of food that you love and that makes you feel good and happy, the main point here is to eat some good food. Your brain needs it now than ever before, so do not deprive it of the meals that will give her the much-needed energy. There is an adage that says your inner strength is needed to be able to exert outer strength.

Some other suggestion is, eating good soup, this helps even when you don’t have an appetite, so just make sure you are taking in a balanced diet, packed with vitamins your body needs.

5. Dust yourself up and look forward

I know this is a hard pill to swallow, I would be sincere with you as much as possible, you need to look forward to good things in life because healing is a process, and this could run for a lifetime depending on the intimacy shared in your broken relationship. 

I want you to know that two good people can come together and have a bad relationship, that is because we all have baggage that we bring into the relationship with the expectation that the other person will be responsible for making the baggage disappears. This is very unrealistic. 

Apart from hoping to meet a better person than your ex in the future, I will also advice that you work on being a better person as well.

6. Forgive

You need to forgive. Ouch! This hurts right? I know right?

You might be having thoughts like “I was not treated right…” but I need you to know that forgiveness is not for the other person but for you. This has to be done every time your feet hit the floor. Call the person’s name and say I forgive you. You will find out that with time, you will stop hurting when you think of the situation.

Time plays a big role in the process of getting over an heartbreak.

7. Exercise and meet up with a friend

Studies have shown that exercising releases happy hormones. It also repairs damaged hearts. People tend to feel relieved after an exercise, so I recommend you do so. I need you to also set up a date with friends, live, laugh, and move on.

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