7 Steps To Becoming A Success In Life

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Success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. I don’t know anyone that doesn’t want to accomplish an aim. However,  the one question I’ve heard almost everyone asks is  ‘how?’. 

While some people have figured this out, some have not. I’m going to be discussing 7 steps that I have taken and have also confirmed from other successful people to be vital in your steps to becoming a success in life.

7 steps to becoming a success in life

1. Discover your areas of strength

Do you know that every animal has a skill that is different from other animals? And these animals are smart enough not to try other animals’ skills that they know they don’t have. 

For instance,  you can’t see an elephant trying to climb a tree like a monkey or a sheep, raising its arms to fly like a bird. God deliberately gave these animals these different skills as means of survival and they all know how to take advantage of it. 

Humans are the most important creatures of God. We dominate every other creature because we have been given much more than every other creature. Can you imagine how much skill every human has?

Everyone is uniquely different in specific areas. Whether you can see anything you’re good at now or not, there is something that only you can do perfectly well without struggling. You might need to perfect it, study to know more about it but there’s that thing that you are built for and the most important thing you’ll ever do to become successful in life is to locate it.

How can you locate your area of strength?

-Take out a quality time and think

Think of your life as a child from as far as you can remember because your unique skill must have been “shouting” from when you were a child. 

What’s that thing you enjoyed doing? What’s the thing that people around you found difficult to do but you couldn’t understand why they complained about it because, to you, it’s stress-free. What’s that thing that whether you are paid for it or not, excites you to do? Your answer is exactly what your unique skill is.

However, your skills might be more than one and it is possible to succeed in more than one area but I’ll advise that you start off with one and all of the skills will definitely figure out a way to connect and stand together making you successful. 

For instance,  if you have skills in writing, and then you love to help people, and you’re also interested in business as well,  start to develop the one that wouldn’t cost you much right now which might be writing,  then make something out of it and then start your business. This might eventually get you well equipped to start your charity organizations. 

2. Be determined to succeed. 

I’ve come to the realization that there’s a huge need and impact when you deliberately determine that you must succeed. Make a covenant with your self. 

You might have to put this down in writing and speak it loudly to yourself. Set dates to do things concerning your career. You can start with having a period to achieve a particular goal, like, “this year I must identify all of my skills”. 

3. Sacrifice. 

Sacrifice means giving something up to obtain something else for yourself. You can not be sitting down to pluck coconut from a tree. You must be determined to stress your foot out by standing or climbing. 

So many people lose opportunities that would have given them the privilege to succeed in life just because they would not Sacrifice anything. Not time or money or patience. If success is of any importance to you, then sacrifice should be your best friend now. Humble yourself and put in the legit sacrifice that is required to make you succeed in life. 

However,  you first need to be sure that you’re sacrificing what you know is your skill which means that you must succeed in it so as to avoid wasting your time, energy, and resources. 

For instance,  if you know that you have a great fashion sense,  then sacrificing to go for training in a fashion school would definitely not be a waste. Don’t bother about how many designers are out there,  your uniqueness will make you stand out.

4. Locate like-minded people

Locating like-minded people on your journey to success is like having a ladder to take you to the roof. Like-minded people might be people who are already successful in their field or are still working towards it. It might also be people with different skills from yours but have determined to be successful. 

These like-minded people might be people you know intimately or loosely. Whatever the case, you’ll need them in your journey to becoming a success because their story, zeal, and success will be like the gas in your car.

5. Connect

When you’ve discovered your “like-minded people”, connect with them. The saying, “iron sharpens iron” is true. Talking and sharing ideas with like-minded people gives a lot of joy and strength that will keep your hopes and dreams alive. Stay connected to what you aspire to achieve and it will become a reality.

6. Be bold to learn

Don’t be ashamed or too proud to learn something you need in order to succeed in what you want. No matter how old you are when you finally discover your dreams, submit to learning the skills required from whoever has the training. 

Fix your eyes on your destination and put on whatever “uniform” is required to start your journey. I’ve heard so many say things like ” I’m too old for this or I can’t stop this low at my level. Well,  guess what? Success does not have respect for age or levels, it answers to whoever deserves it. 

You should really be proud that you’re still alive to realize what your dreams and skills are, it doesn’t matter what you’re already doing,  a monkey that just realized his skill of climbing a tree today will still do better than a fish that has been trying to climb a tree for ages. 

7. Start building right now

It’s enough! Start right now, like, get a pen and paper now and start writing what you would achieve this month and this year, then decide to do something about your skills and purpose every day.

This could be talking to someone about it, reading or listening to a lecture about it, writing about it, saving a dollar towards it, praying specifically towards it but do something! 

One month from today you’ll be surprised at what you would have achieved on your journey to becoming a success in life.

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Becoming successful in life is not as difficult as people make it appear. Locating your skills and your areas of strength is like having a good seed ready for planting

Working towards it in the right way is like planting the good seed in the right soil and watering it every day. Having the right people around is like having the right climate for your plant. 

Nothing can stop a good seed that has been planted in the right soil, watered every day, and maintained under the right climate from growing and producing fruits. It will only take time

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