6 Ways To Look Classy On A Low Budget

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According to Oxford Dictionary,  classy means ‘ stylish and sophisticated. It didn’t include ‘expensive’ in its definition, this clearly tells you that you can look classy on a low budget. 

6 ways to look classy on a low budget

These are 6 tips to make you look classy on a low budget. 

1. Research for shops.

I realized that most of the time, the price of clothes depends on the boutique. Shops put prices on their goods depending on location, cost of goods, and time. 

B)Secondly, where these shops are located is another condition that affects its prices on wears. For instance, in Nigeria, stores located in neighborhoods considered to be high-class neighborhoods are usually expensive. While stores in the regular market are far less expensive. You could get a dress at the market for 5,000 Naira meanwhile, that same dress can cost you 20,000 Naira if gotten from the high-class neighborhood.

C)Lastly, you need to know at what season clothes are sold cheaper. This might vary depending on the different shops. I think that every shop has a clearance season time, some do it when they’re clearing old stuff,  during this time you can get things for half their original prices. Some do it in a particular month.

2. Buy first hand.

First-hand means attires that have been worn by someone else before. We have first-hand in all levels e.g. Celebrities first-hand,  high-class first-hand, and regular first-hand. If your budget is low and you still want to look classy,  first-hand is a shopping option you should pay attention to.

If you’re going for first-hand,  take your time to select, wash, and iron them, and you’ll be good to go.

3. Buy the right colors.

Colors have a great impact on looking classy. Take note of the colors that royals wear. For example, black, blue, red, and white. These are common colors amongst royals that bring out the “classiness” in them.

Also, the matching of your wears matters a lot to make you look classy. Carry a handbag if your occasion calls for it, put on the right footwear for the occasion. For instance, don’t put on sneakers when you’re supposed to put on sandals. Picking the right colors and matching your attire correctly will always make you look sexy on a low budget. 

4. Be spotless.

Spot or dirt on your cloth or whatever is on your body automatically disqualifies you from being classic. Make sure that whatever you’re putting on is always sparkling clean

Note, looking classy does not exclude nursing mothers. As a nursing mother of a child or children,  you can still look very clean and classic. Check yourself constantly and wipe out any dirt or stain that you find on you. Change your cloth if you have to, you can carry extra clothes too for yourself and not just for the baby.

5. Make the right hair.

It has been discovered that the first place a person’s eyes go to when meeting another person is the head. So, therefore,  your hair plays a very important role in looking classic.

There are so many classic hairs that you can make on a low budget. Whatever you’re doing on your hair, make a style that fits you, learn different ways of styling your hair,  it’s free on the internet and most of all, keep your hair fresh and clean.  

6. Program your mind to be classy.

The way you carry yourself matters a lot. Class starts from the mind. Ask yourself these questions,

-Is the way you walk amongst your family or friends, the same way that you walk amongst strangers or random people?

-Is the way you walk in your local church, the same way that you walk at a wedding ceremony?

I brought up these questions to make you understand that your mindset affects your steps.

In a nutshell,  when you feel classy, you walk classy, when you feel like a low class,  you walk like a low class. If you can film your steps when you’re wearing something that you feel is really good and compare it to a video of when you’re wearing something that you feel is not okay,  you’ll realize that your steps will be different. 

Moving forward,  how do you set your mind right to feel and walk in a classic way even when you’re wearing cheap stuff among people that are wearing expensive stuff? Here are 3 ways to achieve this.

A) Firstly, there is one truth that you can not change and it’s the truth that if you pick the right colors,  right match and you’re clean there will be at least one person that will admire your outfit.

Having this in mind will make you walk into anywhere with your head up and keep you classy even on your low-budget outfit and you’ll soon find out that more than one person actually admires you.

Note, when you have a classy attitude, people will even hardly notice that you can be on a low budget attire

B)Secondly, don’t hype other people’s outfits. For instance,  saying things like ” your dress looks expensive” simply means that yours is not! You can admire people,  say they look good but don’t look at them with the “you look so classy or expensive eyes”. 

C)Thirdly when discussions about designers or shopping come up, you could say ” I’m not really paying attention to designers and shopping for now” which is very true because you have a low budget for those expenses.

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Looking classy on a low budget is a choice. Take your time, make the best decisions and enjoy what you can afford for the moment because the truth is, there are people that wear expensive things but still look unrecognized.

If you learn your style correctly,  you’ll look great now that you’re on a low budget and look even better when you can afford high-budget things.

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