5 Benefits To Being On A Lonely Path

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A lonely path can also be the path to achieving a successful life if used effectively. This can be seen when you listen to the success stories of successful people. You can research this by picking three successful people in different industries, listen to their stories, and note if they ever had to go through a “lonely path” on their way to success.

To be successful in life you might need to go at it alone and this lonely path is where you get equipped to achieve and maintain success.

5 Benefits To Being On A Lonely Path

Let’s look at some of the many benefits of being in a lonely path.

 1.  You Discover Who You Are

Yes! You heard it, in this lonely path, you will have to get comfortable with yourself. You will get to realize who you are, your beliefs, values, and the unique treasure you possess. Found within everyone is unrefined gold that gets refined when it’s passed through fire. This brings out your true identity, your essence, etc

As Socrates says and I quote“know thyself, for once we know ourselves, we may learn how to care for ourselves”. In harnessing who you are, you discover the tools you have that can be used along your path to greatness.

 2.  You Discover And Harness Your Strengths

Little to no support along our “lonely path” often toughen us up. This is because knowing that you only have you in this unfamiliar lonely path of life that is full of so many uncertainties, forces you to become self-sufficient by identifying and building your strengths.

How do you identify your strengths?

-Identify at least three instances where you felt the most successful

-Make a list of what comes easy to you.

-Take note of how fulfilled do you feel when you do certain things.

-Take stock of the knowledge and skills you have learned throughout your business and career life.

-Identify the type of problems you enjoy solving and most importantly.

-List out those skills you need to learn in order to help you achieve your goals.

 3.  You Discover And Improve Your Weaknesses

Ah! This is tough because most of us do not like to know what we are not good at. The weakness here is any skill that you have not yet developed, in order words your weakness can become strength provided you develop it.

It is probably something that does not come easy to you, but you can work on it and it can become one of your greatest strengths.

This is to say never take out the place of hard work, there is a reward for hard work. I want you to imagine an earthly gem, for example, a bar of gold that is still covered in dirt, if it is cleaned and put through fire countless amount of times by the blacksmith, it will eventually become refined gold.

Your weakness is the gem covered in dirt, the refining fire, is the hard work you put into work on your weakness as you go through, the ” lonely path” and just like the resulting refined gold, our weakness can become a source of strength.

 4. You Find Fellow Lonely Pathfinders

There are people that have traveled along the same or similar lonely path that you might be on right now and they try to help others navigate their way through, by sharing their experiences with others through videos, music, talk show, books, physical meetings, etc, in order to encourage them and they are known as Pathfinders. So when you need to draw strength, you can draw strength from their experiences and encourage yourself. There is a proverb that says “There is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother”

This is one of the greatest blessings of the lonely paths, you would meet people of like mind, willing to share their knowledge and energy. Do not take them for granted, you might encounter them through a one-time meeting or they could be your long-time friend.

If you would take only one thing from this article, it should be that, everybody you meet has a role to play in your life. It is your duty to identify the role so that you will know how to relate with people in your life.

The role of other pathfinders in your life is to have other people of like-minds who are also going along their “lonely paths” to share experiences with, whether your failure or success. This is a good source of strength on your hard days and joy on your good days.

We humans are not built to live in isolation. A tree can not make a forest, so finding and having a strong relationship with pathfinders during your journey along the lonely path is a proactive decision to make So that when the storm comes, you will have a solid foundation to resist the storm.

Pathfinders can also be found by reading books written by others who also went through their “lonely path” on their path of life to success.

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