3 Important Signs Of A Bad Friend.

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The general meaning of a friend is someone that you can trust and rely on, however, not everyone you call friends can be trusted or relied on. There are qualities that you need to consider when deciding if someone is your friend on not.

Right now, you might have some friends that aren’t fit to be called friends from the start of your friendship and this might be affecting the quality of your life.

3 Important Signs Of A Bad Friend.

This article will teach you the 3 most important signs of bad friends and how to spot them.

1. Negative and unhealthy competition.

Friends challenge themselves to achieve goals. in doing this, they might decide to set a target and see who gets it first. For instance, you could set a target to write a book and see who finishes first. This is a positive and healthy kind of competition as it will encourage you to achieve great goals.

On the other hand, negative competition is the kind of competition where a friend starts doing something that you are doing out of jealousy, with the aim of trying to do it better. This kind of competition is unhealthy because a bad friend will feel bad if you succeed at what you are doing or if you do it better than him or her. This could go as bad as them trying to do things that could discourage or stop you from achieving your goals.

How do you know these types of friends?

Pay attention to their reaction when you tell them about a goal or good news you have. Ask yourself, were they really excited for you? Did they express belief in you? Did they encourage you? Did they suggest how you can do it or how they can help? Did they ask you anything about it after now? If the answer to all of these questions is “yes”, then they are good friends, but, if the answers are no, then this is a sign that you have bad friends.

2. Comparison.

This is another sign that will tell you whether you have bad friends or not. Friends are not supposed to be comparing themselves to each other, friends are supposed to appreciate each other’s strengths and complement each other. Therefore, if you have friends that always compare themselves to you, this is a sign that you have a bad friend.

How do you know these types of friends?

If you have friends that respond by talking about themself every time you tell him or her something about yourself, for example, you tell them about an achievement, watch out!

The indication here is that those friends are not excited about your achievements which is why they are fast to rub in their own.

Furthermore, if you are telling them about a challenge you have and they start talking about their own challenges, it means that they are not truly concerned about you and your challenges.

These are signs that those friends care more about being the center of attention than about you and your well being as a friend

3. Insensitive about your weaknesses and challenges.

Friends know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. I used weaknesses and challenges for this point because weaknesses and challenges have a way of affecting people negatively and a good friend should be able to help. However, there are friends that know your weaknesses or challenges and still expose you to be hurt by them.

How do you know these types of friends?

For instance, if you are having a financial challenge, good friends will be sensitive enough not to throw all of the expensive things they just got in your face. Also, good friends that know that you are having some marital challenges wouldn’t be talking about their perfect marriage all the time, because the truth is that doing these things at that time is not what will encourage you if you are going through the opposite situation.

The wise and kind thing good friends can do is to save you from that atmosphere. They would make you feel better by telling you about some of the times that they had to go through an unpleasant situation too. It could be situations that they have already come out of or situations that they are still going through because the truth is, everyone has gone through or is going through something unpleasant in life.

In a nutshell, friends that are sensitive about your weaknesses and challenges are good friends, the ones that are not are bad friends.

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Friendship doesn’t just end suddenly, it shows warning signs. Be sensitive to these 3 important signs of a bad friend so that you will be able to prevent heartbreak on time.

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