10 Ways To Build Self Confidence As A Woman

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As women, life can sometimes take a toll on us and make a once confident woman become an intimidated one. This often gets us wondering, ” whatever happened to that sweet little confident girl?”, I need you to know she is in there.

10 Ways To Build Self-Confidence As A Woman

Let us look at 10 ways to increase your confidence level.

1.   Know yourself!

A crisis of identity is one of the main reasons for losing self-confidence. You need to have an in-depth knowledge of your values, beliefs, and position in life.

It ought to be a slap in the face when people talk about your strength and you have no idea. So here is me saying, take yourself out often, ask those deep questions you ask a new friend on a date to yourself, answer them genuinely.

This will help you know who you are!

2.  Learn to communicate clearly

Communication is an excellent tool for every institution, relationship, and life at large. Communication is not a one-way street as opposed to what others think. In order to communicate effectively, you need to understand and decode information appropriately.

A confident woman has superior communication skills, she is articulated, clear, and has a wide range of information. She is also a big listener. Listening is not just about keeping quiet, you have to practise the art of “active listening”. She knows when to speak, and how to speak.

3.  Crack the books

As we all know, knowledge is power. It would only be a synergic aura if your confidence is filled with immense knowledge and not with you going about spilling total nonsense. It is said that the more a person uses their brain, the better the brain functions.

Confidence comes from having vast knowledge of what you do. In whatever you do, give it your best shot. I am sure you noticed I did not say you are the best in the field. I am only saying that you should apply yourself daily to know more about your field.

You could ask several questions along the lines of-.

-How do I solve this problem?

-What am I interested in?, Find it and discover more.

-How can l learn this skill?

Learning is a continuous cycle, the brain does not rest even when you are asleep, you can learn by reading as earlier said, watching, talking, and speaking. I also recommend you join a reading club.

4. Pick up the slack.

Being a woman with confidence does not mean you are always right. Apologize when you make mistakes.

There are specific steps on how to make sincere apologies and they include:

-Acknowledging your mistakes.

-Never minimizing the suffering of the “wronged” person, and

-Looking for ways to make amends.

5. Don’t get intimidated.

People who encounter a truly confident woman could become intimidated because it reminds them of their shame, their low self-esteem, and even the emotions they try to avoid. It means that no matter how they act or respond, it’s all about them, not about you. They seek attention, but you don’t have to pay attention to them.

6. Set healthy boundaries.

Confident women know how to communicate their limits in a clear manner. With the emphasis on health, a lot of people always end up crossing borders that have been set up by others just to see if you would follow up with your consequences.

As soon as you state your boundaries, do well to state the consequences. If those boundaries get crossed and disrespected, don’t fail to enact the consequences spelled out or you would be taken for granted. Never expect that everyone will understand and respect the boundaries, this will make you mentally and emotionally secure.

7.   Love yourself

I almost forgot to write this; self-esteem is one of the most important ingredients in a confident woman’s recipe. Love where you are, who you are, and who you are becoming. If you do not love yourself then you cannot be confident of who you are. Love encompasses everything, you may see it as the “door of confidence”. Do something daily that makes you happy.

8.  Look good

There is a popular saying that I will like to paraphrase, “how you dress is how people will address you”.

During meetings, university talks, seminars, offices, and parties.

-How do you dress? Does the way you dress say anything about you?

You need to dress appropriately for the right occasion, you need to know how to match those wears baby girl, and make sure your clothes are clean all the time.

Baby girl!, you are gorgeous, I know it, You know it!, Now let’s make the world know it!

9.  Smile

Your smile is your strongest weapon, so use it in all seasons and in every circumstance, you find yourself in. It is also your charm as you look the most beautiful when you smile.

10.  Be Polite

You can never go wrong by being nice and polite.

-Give out positive energy to people around you

-Be respectful to other people

A confident woman is someone who respects others and their values, so, you should never bring someone down through gossip.

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